BotBasher is here
to bash some bots
and it doesn't give a duck.
Finally, a private decentralized biometric authentication that gets your Discord community rid of bots once and for all! Give it a try and purge those nasty bots today!
Humanode BotBasher
Eliminate bots by making your users go through crypto-biometric authentication linked to a role.
Eliminate Bots
Humanode’s BotBasher is a tool for Discord that allows you to eliminate bots by bio-authenticating your users.
By adding the BotBasher to your server and linking it to a special role you can ensure that the users that got this role are unique, living individuals.
A user's account gets verified in the context of the whole Discord, meaning that if the BotBasher is installed on some other server, the user will be automatically authenticated there as well.
Private Authentication
The most important part here is that the biometric authentication is private, so nobody can lay their hands on your biometrics or revert them to the original image to understand who the person is.
The original data is deleted immediately and all the computations are carried out in the Trusted Execution Environment.
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Biometric verifications: 415,506
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Anti-spam Bots
No more annoying bots that spam ads in your community. If a person decides to spam, then you can ban their account and they will not be able to get verified again, as the account is tied to their face.
' One Human = One Vote '
You run a DAO and you want a simple and meaningful way to vote? By creating polls in the channels only seen by verified humans you can create instant one human = one vote polls without any additional hustle.
Sybil-resistant Whitelisting
No more bots taking up slots in your whitelisting events. Whitelist only those who obtained the role through BotBasher and you'll get a sybil-resistant list of humans ready for onboarding.
Sybil-resistant NFTs and Airdrops
No more bots getting free coins or devaluing your NFT collection. Use the linked role to carry out giveaways and ensure that they are spread justly among human participants.
The bots are shivering in terror!
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